WhatsApp is used by millions of people around the world. Facebook-owned instant messaging service WhatsApp is constantly adding new features. The company intends to make WhatsApp more interesting and fun so that users have many reasons to use this messaging service.

The last major change in WhatsApp was seen in the form of Status tab. The company had replaced the old text message with a new status tab in which users could set video, picture and gif images as their status. But many users around the world demanded to bring back the old text status, and after a few days the company had to bring back the text status. There are many features like audio call, video call which have made the WhatsApp experience better than ever.

The company’s endeavor is to continuously introduce new features. And under this effort, many new features are being tested on WhatsApp beta version. Recently, the feature of paying bills was revealed through WhatsApp. Apart from this, WhatsApp has also been testing the message revoke feature for several months. Learn about the features that were recently spotted on the beta app and are expected to be rolled out to common WhatsApp users in the near future.

Pay Bills With WhatsApp!

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is planning to foray into digital payment service in India. This will be the first such service worldwide by Facebook-owned company WhatsApp. The company has advertised for the post of Head of Digital Transactions in the country.

In a recent report, it was said that the job advertisement posted on WhatsApp’s website states that the company is looking for candidates with a technical and financial background, which is the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) of India and BHIM. Understand payments app. With these payment services, money transactions are done using mobile numbers. For India, the company needs its own digital transaction lead.

message revoke feature

There have been reports of WhatsApp testing the message revoke feature for the past several months. Earlier, this new feature was seen in the WhatsApp iPhone app, which allows users to edit or delete messages sent to a contact.

It is claimed that the new update has been released on WhatsApp Web and has got the Revoke feature. Apart from this, it has been claimed that users will now be able to ‘unsend’ sent messages within five minutes. It looks like WhatsApp plans to launch the new Revoke feature on all its platforms, including WhatsApp Web, in one go.

whatsapp change number

WhatsApp is testing a feature that will make it less hassle-free for users to change their contact numbers. WhatsApp is linked to your phone number, so even thinking about changing the number bothers many users. After changing the number, you usually inform all your contacts about it through broadcast, or at the time of need, you inform your friends about the new number by pinging. WhatsApp is trying to make this process easy. For this, a feature is being tested which will let your friends and family know about the change of number. Apart from this, the live location sharing feature recently introduced by Facebook and Google will also get a place in WhatsApp.

In this feature, you will have three options to choose from – share the new number with all contacts, or with the number you chat with, or even if you prefer not to share the new number with any contact Huh. This feature will automatically send notifications to all groups, regardless of the option you have selected. Apart from this, the ‘Change Number’ feature will already be turned off, you will have to activate it while changing the number.

‘Pin to Top’ chat

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that will allow users to put their favorite chats at the top. This feature is currently being tested on Android, but there are indications that this feature is set to be released to the general user in the coming time.

As per the reports in the past, long press on any group or individual chat you want to keep at the top and then select the pin symbol appearing in the top bar. Along with the PIN, other options are Delete, Mute and Archive. Once a chat is pinned, it will appear at the top of your chat list. No matter how many groups or users you have conversations with, all of them will be visible only after the pinned chat. WhatsApp allows users to pin up to three chats. After this you will get a notification that you can pin only three chats. Apart from this, you can also unpin the chat whenever you want.

Will be able to share many contacts at once

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows multiple contacts to be shared at the same time. Earlier, users could share only one contact at a time, but now this limit has been increased. This feature was spotted in the Android beta version and may soon be rolled out to all users. This feature works the same way as before, but users can now send multiple contacts via WhatsApp or email instead of a single contact.

A recent report claimed that if you are sending contacts to multiple users, then you will have to follow the old process of sending contacts. The special thing is that there is no limit for the contact sent to a user and we can send more than 100 contacts to a user simultaneously. This feature works in both group and individual chats. Multiple contacts are shown to the user in a box, which when opened, the user can choose which contact they want to store on their smartphone. The process is pretty straightforward as sending multiple contacts at once would fill up the chat feed.

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