Anupam Kher once broke barricades to meet Michael Jackson: Anupam Kher has shared his picture with Michael Jackson and he has also told a funny story of the occasion.

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Anupam Kher with Michael JacksonAnupam Kher with Michael Jackson

Have you ever heard of a star breaking barricades to meet his favorite star and reaches the stage? Anupam Kher has done this and he himself has told this. Anupam Kher reached the stage to cross the barricades to meet famous pop star Michael Jackson.

This story dates back to the time Mile Jackson was on a tour of India. Anupam Kher has shared two photographs of this occasion and narrated the story of this incident with it.

He wrote, ‘The story of this picture- When Michael Jackson came to India in 1996, some selected people were invited to meet him in the Oberoi Hotel Garden. I was also one of them and thank Bharat Bhai Sahab for this. There was a small stage setup in the garden, where barricades were placed for the special guests. Michael Jackson came from the hotel room and stood on the stage with his bodyguards. There was a lot of peace.

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He further wrote, “I was looking at him who fascinated the whole world with his magical performance.” He was only a few feet away from me and I did not want to miss this chance. So I jumped the barricade and almost hugged Michael Jackson. Their bodyguards moved towards me and before they could catch me and separate me, Bharat Bhai Shah introduced them saying that they are very big actors of India. He immediately bowed and shook hands with me with great humility and happiness and that moment was captured in this picture. ‘

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He further said, ‘Sometimes you are busy trying for anything that can happen. Jai Ho.’

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