A battle is brewing between Nicki Minaj and her hairstylist Arrogant Tae after she chose to work with someone else for her new music video!

Wigs might be flying here… pun intended. Mother-to-be Nicki Minaj, 37, put herself in hot water after she posted a behind the scenes video of her on set of the music video “Move Ya Hips” that also includes rapper A$AP Ferg on Thursday, July 30. She credited rising star hairstylist Jonathan Wright for her colorful wig styling and not the man she’s worked with for years, Arrogant Tae. Nicki later spoke about the situation on social media and claimed that Tae canceled on her 48 hours before she was set to film her promo vid.

Not so fast! Tae denied Nicki’s claims in a lengthy Instagram post shared hours later. He said that he wasn’t available due to him having to get a wisdom tooth pulled. Not only that but Tae also alleged that he had no idea about the information he needed to create Nicki a wig to her standard or quality. Jonathan, who is more commonly referred to as J. Wright, appeared to shade Tae over the hair drama by posting this as an Instagram story: “Stop venting and start praying, you don’t need sympathy you need strength!”

Here are 5 things you should know about Arrogant Tae:

1: Big Name In The Game. Tae (real name Dionte Gray) has worked with a lot of fabulous people in the industry outside of Nicki. He’s also styled celebs including Love & Hip-Hop star DreamDoll and model Ari Fletcher.

2: He Styled Nicki’s Pregnancy Shoot. He took credit for her gorgeous blue updo when the chart-topping performer announced her pregnancy news in late July 2020.

3: Started Out Young. The Chicago native revealed in a 2017 interview that he’s been doing hair since the tender age of 7! “I kinda got into hair because I grew up on hair and I was always in the salon when I was younger and I started doing my mom’s friend’s kids hair and all my family members,” he revealed.

4: Social Media Star. Tae boasts a gigantic following on social media with 1.5 million fans but he doesn’t credit the stars he’s worked with for his original success. “I think it was my non-celebrity clientele that really took my following up because I have so many people from all over, like Europe and Dubai, a lot of non-celebrity clients who have supported me and just been there with me since day one,” he revealed in the same interview.

5: J. Wright Drama. Issues between Tae and J. Wright started before the Nicki debacle. Fans took note of how much a wig that J. did for cosmetics guru Jeffree Star looked just like the one he did on DreamDoll in July 2020. This prompted them to debate on who did it better all throughout social media.

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