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13 minutes ago

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Actress Rimi Sen is far from the spot light nowadays. When asked about why she has made such a distance from films these days, Rimi said that she was not very serious about her acting nor did she know how to handle her career. At the same time, Rimi said that he did not know how to handle people, career and PR. She had become just like a machine.

I did not choose this career but it chose me: Rimi Sen

Says Rimi, “Going on set, performing and giving my best shot is not just acting. I never knew about the whole process, because it has to be matured to understand. I didn’t know that people , My career, how PR has to be handled and how it has been in people’s touch. I had become like a machine. There are some people who work only for money and some who are Work for Fame. All projects for them are like do and die business. I was never so serious about acting. I was very young when there were offers and money. I would say that I have done this career Chose not to, but it chose me. “

Rimi gaps from films due to lack of creativity and thirst

Rimi went on to say, “I was only doing comedy films at the time. Initially, I enjoyed working, but when I started studying my career a bit more, I looked for different roles and Worked in the films ‘Johnny Gaddar’ and ‘Sankat City’. My career took a hit when these films did not work. I was still getting roles in comedy films, but I didn’t want to do them just for survival. I was stuck. It is true that financial security plays an important role but after some time money does not matter. My thirst for creativity was not set. So I decided to take the gap. “

Rimi is looking for creative settings

Rimi then produced the film ‘Budhia Singh – Born to Run’ in 2016. The failure of this film pushed him back even further. Now she is all set to comeback in acting and is looking towards OTT platform. He told, “I am now ready for my second and last inning. I am looking forward to the shows that will be required for the character story. I am waiting for the roles that deserve me. In the current phase of my life I can’t give competition to an actress. I don’t want lead roles either. I want to do something memorable. I’m looking for creative determinations, not fame and money.

Rimi takes care of her lifestyle

Rimi further added, “I listened to my body. I now know what kind of food and workouts suit me. Earlier, I used to try to make my body look a certain way. I did my capabilities and limitations I worked inside and now I am in my best shape. It took some time but now I take care of my lifestyle. It has also helped me a lot. “

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