Xiaomi first launched MiTalk in November 2010. Xiaomi launched this service before the launch of Tencent’s popular WeChat. At one time MiTalk service was quite popular. This service had touched the figure of 7 crore users. It had 7.5 million active users in September 2014. However, there has been a steady decline in the popularity of MiTalk after this. Now the Mi Talk team has announced that this service will be discontinued from next month. Xiaomi will stop this service from 12 noon on February 19, 2021.

Before discontinuing this service, Xiaomi has advised users to export their chat history, personal data and other important things elsewhere. Devices that run on Android v8.8.70 or above are getting batch export support. The team has also warned that once the service is stopped, no users will be given time to export their information.

Regarding this service of Xiaomi, MiTalk has said that once the service is stopped, no users will be able to export their chat history and other things in one go. Apart from this, it has also been informed that the information of the users that he had obtained was taken under the rules and law. Once the service stops, we all
Users’ personal information will be deleted.

Apart from this, the company has thanked all MiTalk users for their support. The company has apologized that it has to stop this service. The company has said that it will connect with users with its new services in the future. Account registration and messaging will be closed from 1st February 2021 after 12 noon. After this, MiTalk login and server will be shutdown on 19 February 2021. After this, users will not be able to log in to MiTalk.

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